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31 Oct 2012 |
Phoenix Suns Live at US Airways Center
October 31 begins the year of NBA Basketball with Flying Jibs providing the dolly system for the camera on the main stage.

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4 Nov 2012 |
FOX Suns Live
Studio road games are televised in the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Flying Jibs provides the jib inside the studio during the NBA Season.

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41 Jan 2013 |
Barrett Jackson Auto Auction on SPEED
Flying Jibs provides the inside jib for this annual event in North Scottsdale.

January 13-20, 2013

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About Flying Jibs

Robert Hayton began operating the Jimmy Jib in 1996 for the Gloria Estefan Evolution World Tour. Since that time he has operated both Jimmy Jib and CamMate system cranes. With fifteen years of jib operating experience under his belt, Hayton has developed skills that place him among the top jib operators in the country.


Twenty five years of production experience operating hand held cameras, hard cameras, and remote head systems, has provided Robert with a long list of credits in his professional career.


Robert has logged hundreds of hours behind the viewfinder of a camera operating hand held and hard cameras. He operated remote camera systems for the Phoenix Coyotes NHL telecasts for FSN, The Phoenix Suns NBA, and college NCAA events broadcasts in the Phoenix and Tucson area. He spent over ten years as the remote head operator for the local FSN network covering hundreds of sporting events and live events.


Robert's passion for innovation has driven him to branch out and experience new technologies in the television and production industry.


He began freelancing for Fletcher Camera as a remote head operator in 1996. He has been involved with many sporting events and live events over the past fourteen years including but not limited to: the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, NASCAR Winston Cup, NBC Arena Football, NHL on FOX, ESPN NHL, NCAA basketball, ESPN summer and winter XGAMES, the NBA on TNT, WNBA, NHRA on ESPN2HD, ESPN Arena Football, ABC Fiesta Bowl, ABC Sugar Bowl, and the NBC Arena Bowl, UFC, WEC, and the Inauguration of President Barack Obama for NBC. 


In 2009 Robert began working for JitaCam ™ the remote controlled 360 degree Jib In The Air as one of the remote head operators.






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Flying Jibs
Robert Hayton

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